The Story Behind LadieLoops



Ladieloops Commitment

Each neck piece is created from the finest natural fiber manufacturers in the United States and Canada. LadieLoops committed to using only the finest of natural yarns for the brand’s pieces. These yarns include but aren’t limited to: superwashed wools, organic cotton, and cashmere. The organic cotton yarns can be worn year-round and the superwashed wool adds additional warmth in the colder months abandoning the itchiness associated with other wools. LadieLoops neckwear pieces are hand made timeless pieces, crafted using even the finest needles and designed to last year after year.


About the Designer

Andrea O. Robinson, a Chicago native, is the designer and creator behind the specialty knitwear brand, LadieLoops. After being down sized from her corporate job in finance Andrea decided to enroll into The Illinois Art Institute Chicago to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. While in school Andrea took a knitting course and fell in love with various yarns and new stitching techniques. She loved it so much that she started a knitting club called LadieLoops. After deciding that knitwear would be her niche it was inevitable that she took LadieLoops on as her accessory line.